A friend once told me “people need to know about you”, so I started a website.

My life may be perceived by some as adventurous and my nephews call me the “Uncle that lives in Africa” along with “Funcle”, which is surreal because I never planned on leaving  California. In August of 2005, three of my friends took me to a place that shook my paradigm and now I live in two different worlds, Uganda and California. God said to me, “Quit your job, go to Africa and I’ll take care of you.”

I’ll never be the same. In the small and big things.

This website is sound bite of my work, travels, friends and interests. I don’t want anyone to think that I’m elevating myself to be more important than I am by registering http://www.jareddwhite.com. It’s easier for people to remember your name as a website, just like an email address.

“A lot more can be accomplished for good if no one cares who gets the credit.” – Unknown


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28 04 2009

Hello! I was at the OC rescue and I asked if we could make the peace sign 🙂
Where can i see this photo? I looked all over the site and I can’t find it!! HELP!!

26 02 2011
What is Phonemic Awareness


Very interesting data, thanks for sharing,
I personally would like to put your text on my site, if it is allowed?
Hope you’ll have great articles like this again.



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