Rescuing Child Soldiers

20 03 2009

This video was created by one of the IC roadies that went on the most recent trip to Uganda I was fortunate to lead (see “Ten” blog post). The video is only 12 mins long and is about Invisible Children working closely with the leaders of northern Uganda to help plan “The Rescue” of child soldiers from a rebel army called the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). The LRA has been committing atrocities in northern Uganda for over 20 years and Invisible Children has been asked to play a role in helping those who are still being oppressed in northern Uganda…the child soldiers.

It’s a unique situation because these child soldiers were abducted by the LRA and forced to fight (kill or be killed). Watch the entire thing, it’s worth it.

The northern Uganda leaders present are the elected and appointed leaders (including a representative of the Catholic Archbishop Odama).

Thanks to all of my supporters (through prayer and finances) I was a part of this monumental meeting that was documented (props to Adam Litchfield – the roadie that filmed the entire 4 hour meeting). Enjoy the video!




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