Goat Slaughtering

2 10 2008

A couple of weeks ago, my friend David invited me and the two Invisible Children interns to join him and his friends at a place called Fort Patiko. The fort was once a hub for Arab slave traders, but a man named Sir Samuel Baker and his army fought off the slave traders and it’s now a site used for touring, parties and hiking. It truely is a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun hiking, dancing, eating and taking ridiculous photos (see below).

Charles and me grilling goat meat.

Me, David and the part of the IC crew.

Whats left of the two goats we ate. I killed one of them.

David, me and the goat I killed. We’ll whats left of him.

Christo, me and the goats.




2 responses

9 10 2008

I can’t believe you actually killed that…then ate it.

2 11 2008

ah!!!!! so wrong… but so great to see you and all of our friends in gulu. miss all of you guys so much. (and so very glad to see all of these blogs. it’s like i got a little update on your life). hope life is grand, my friend. hugs.

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