23 10 2008

My co-worker in Uganda has such an incredible God given name…Mercy. The other day I stopped by her house to see her beautiful baby girl for the first time. Stephanie has big eyes and the cutest cheeks. Check out some photos of my visit.

Mercy & Stephanie (notice the Invisible Children Schools for Schools t-shirt, oh yeah!)

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Goat Slaughtering

2 10 2008

A couple of weeks ago, my friend David invited me and the two Invisible Children interns to join him and his friends at a place called Fort Patiko. The fort was once a hub for Arab slave traders, but a man named Sir Samuel Baker and his army fought off the slave traders and it’s now a site used for touring, parties and hiking. It truely is a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun hiking, dancing, eating and taking ridiculous photos (see below).

Charles and me grilling goat meat.

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